Mr Alchemy 

+ and – are on the same magnet. To go to either side, more or less, is a lack of balance. To remain neutral is nearly impossible. Extremely passive is also a lack of balance. True Balance is Born when the whole group of individuals accepts that it is North and South are absolutely necessary as opposites. The Whole point of Directions is to Know what is what, and where to go from here. Negative isnt Bad, its a Core Need. Positive isn’t Good, its a Core Need. This is the (Weigh) of the World.


As you learn more about existence on all levels, getting into the peaceful and all positive ‘namaste’ mindset means that the true cream of knowledge has been usurped from you. If your 3rd eye was ACTUALLY open you would not be a positive person based on what you saw here on this plane…


Balance is 2 ends of a teeter totter going up and down. Now imagine the speed increasing of up and down on both sides faster and faster, until they are going SO high frequency up and down both ways, its impossible to tell which side is higher or lower. They seem the same.

You can notice that nobody likes the overly positive individual. And nobody like the overly negative person. This at its extreme is evidence of balance, to ANY degree. You can lose friendship over one negative experience OR someone else has a positive experience and moves from what they see as negative. The dimension operates on balance of these forces. I see the point of the positive being great. But one who is always RIGHT gets LEFT behind. and We LEFT friends behind because they weren’t RIGHT. Those you see as balanced you keep around.



Just an example among many. All is self. Our choice is here. I choose to balance the spiral force. I can’t be out here being negative with negative people and/or positive with positive people. No one learns anything in that good bubble or in that negative void. I want to pop bubbles and bring light to those in the void. That is Balance.

Compassion, is essential to connect with people. Words are alchemy and create our worlds. Word is born. you can only see my text not my body language and that causes a different type of communion but its all positive over here!!! Its also all negative!!! Vlog Coming soon to Introduce a More Connected System! We Can Always Improve!
Whether left in front of you OR right in front of you, You will find that all sources lead to self recognition. ~ Know Thy Self. – Lord is Self. ~

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