From the Laboratorivm!


Mr Alchemy

Dedicated to bringing forth the true Gold in life to get your energy in balance! Anyone can receive the Golden lives We know We deserve! Call Me, Mr Alchemy!

*Youtube and Vlog updates coming soon as I finish a little more uploading and editing!*

“For Spiritual Love, Elemental Self-Purification & Material Wealth!

Having experienced many stages in life, from Dirt to Gold, I am now Documenting the Path and bringing value to Your Feed! Mr Alchemy! A Social Influencer from the beautiful Sunshine State. Born in Tampa, Florida from a single parent home, mom was always making it happen for my sister and I with almost nothing to work with. Known to always instill in us the idea that world was always better than its portrayed. My father, although gone for a part of my life, was always there in one way or another. He remains a huge positive influence on me everyday….”

(***The More You Know The Greater Your Ability to Create***)

“..elements of chemistry, metallurgy, physics, medicine, astrology, semiotics, mysticism, spiritualism, and art all as parts of one greater force.”

Share to Spread the Food & Fill the Soul with Gold!



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